STOP spending an exorbitant amount on spend consultants when you could have machines to do it
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Realize 2-4% savings in 6-8 weeks rather than months and years

Value Proposition

With low upfront investment, shared success, and quick savings, SpendAi generates a budget for you while accelerating cost savings with no hidden fees.

Flexible buisness model

Guaranteed 5x ROI in 6-8 weeks
Get tangible value in record time. No more waiting for months or years for uncertain results

Rapid time to value, time saving

Pay only for outcomes
We put our money where the math is. Pay us only when your KPIs are met

Zero spend on product consultants

Plug, play and go live
Hosted on-premise or as a service, requires no expensive consultants, and is ready to go live

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Scalable for businesses of all sizes Caters to Fortune 5 to mid-sized enterprises across diverse industries

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10x Lower costs of Data Science
Build vs buy, Faster, Better, Cheaper. Less cost, less risk

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We put our money where the math is!

Why is SpendAi better?

With our Gainshare model, we live up to our words and offer to make our money only after we save for you. The critical tool in overcoming procurement challenges is leveraging your data with AI/ML. Our market-proven products cater to Fortune 5 to mid-sized enterprises across all industries.

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  • ML based approach with self learning continues to get better with more user interaction and data
  • Ready to use pre-trained, fully operational
  • Business outcomes in 6-8 weeks
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Rules-based IT products
  • Rule-based systems don’t learn. Need to keep rules updated, tested and deployed. Expensive and painful
  • Inability to look at data in multiple dimensions that machine learning can

The five foundational pillars of Spend Intelligence

The role of procurement has never been this important before. Our five-part series discusses the foundational pillars of Spend Intelligence.

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